Destiny’s Love Chest

Destiny’s Love Chest


Welcome to Destiny’s Love Chest, a haven for those touched by childhood sexual abuse, regardless of gender. Our mission is to guide, support, and uplift survivors, combining innovative and cognitive methods for holistic healing. We prioritize restoring self-love, healthy self-esteem and fostering nurturing mutual relationships. 

Members are inspired to free themselves from emotional burdens and embrace healing. They are empowered to love and be loved on their terms, merging past experiences with constructive relationships and intimate sex therapy.

Why Choose Debra's Proficiency?

Discover the Essence of the Personal Truth Life Guide Program

Debra’s Personal Truth Life Guide Program stands as a testament to holistic well-being, meticulously crafted to envelop every facet of the human experience. The program’s core lies in its thorough approach to healing, precisely targeting emotional, psychological, and physical dimensions. 
Debra delves deep, ensuring participants rise above self-doubt by fostering a robust sense of self-worth. But it continues; the program also pivots towards strengthening interpersonal connections through expert relationship and intimacy counseling. Every step is designed to guide individuals toward a balanced and fulfilling life.Top of Form

Secured Empathetic Community

Survivor’s Healing Hearts: A Haven of Empowerment and Understanding

Survivor’s Healing Hearts transcends the ordinary confines of a forum, blossoming into a compassionate community resolutely dedicated to aiding the healing process of both male and female survivors. Specific sanctuaries named Athena’s Wisdom for women and Herculean Valor for men have been established to ensure trust and discretion. Within these spaces, members are encouraged and celebrated for sharing their stories, providing a platform where every voice and narrative finds its resonance.

The community is structured not just as a place for sharing but also for questioning, seeking guidance, and imbibing insights. The richness of diverse experiences creates a tapestry of collective wisdom, emphasizing mutual learning and growth. With such intricately woven connections, Survivor’s Healing Hearts stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring every survivor feels enveloped in support and understanding, replacing solitude with solidarity on their path to recovery.


I’ve had a troubled marriage for many years, and I want to explore and understand the issues I need to work on to improve my marriage.

Joseph, 65


2020 was rough. I’m finally adjusting to life, but the uncertainty is definitely taking a toll on my emotional state. I’m having a difficult time balancing work and life.


Debra is great. She really makes me feel so much better after talking to her. I really appreciate her advice and knowledge.

TR, 23 -


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